Identity Branding

Krown Klothing has the ability to handle all of your brand identity needs. From logo design to apparel like shirts and hats to promo items like stickers and coasters, Krown Klothing has you covered. All you need is a vision, and we'll handle the rest. We source, we design, we print.

With our easy and straight-forward process, we keep you involved every step of the way.
  1. Consult - At this initial stage, we are simply getting a clear idea for what your vision is for the project at hand. We are asking you specific, objective questions that help translate your thoughts onto paper. 
  2. Design - This is where our expertise will really start to display itself. Based on the things we learn in our consultation, we will design a product (logo, shirt, hat, etc.) that best fits the consultation. Often times, you will be asked to choose your preference of 3 rough draft concepts to develop.
  3. *Product Sourcing - Here we go into the marketplace and find viable products that match your needs. Again, usually 3 options: (1 cheaper than budget, 1 within budget, and 1 above budget)
  4. *Quantity & Sizes - This is exactly what it sounds like. We figure out how many and what sizes you need of everything.
  5. *Quote Shopping - This is a more refined repeat of step 3, in which we take the product you selected and find a finalized total price for what you want, now that we know exactly how many you want.
  6. 2/3 Deposit - This will cover the cost of production startup. At this point, we are completely on the same page and satisfied with the project we are about to manufacture.
  7. Production - Where all the magic happens.
  8. 1/3 Payment upon Delivery - This is where we deliver a final product that you are blown away by!  

*Digital projects such as logos may not include this step(s).

To get started, simply email [email protected] and we'll start discussing how to bring your idea to life!

To make consultations the most effective and efficient, try to consider the following before reaching out to us.

In fact, use the copy & paste template below for a 5% discount.



My name is (name) from (company/org). I want to get some information about a project I had in mind.

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