About Us

Krown Klothing is a clothing brand whose repuation has emerged as "merging message with style". Founded by Joshua Howse in early 2016, Krown Klothing's mission is to reinforce people's self-image as Kings and Queens. We spread positive messages promoting self-respect, self-value, self-confidence, and most importantly self-love. We believe that by understanding and applying theses values to your life will allow you to manifest the best version of yourself, making you a walking source and example of positivity for others. Which, in turn, will virally cultivate positive energy around the world.


Krown Klothing's signature trademarked sketch Krown serves as a reminder that YOU ARE ROYALTY. No matter your race, gender, religion, or any other division of people. Furthermore, you must also conduct yourself in line with those standards. You owe it to yourself to always put your very best foot forward. It doesn't matter how many people are, or are not, watching. Whether it be stopping that destructive habit, hushing that internal voice that says "I can't", or stepping outside your comfort to take that chance. Just as skillful artists continually refine their sketch to make a better drawing, you infinitely refine yourself to make the best King or Queen possible. YOU ARE ROYALTY.


As we demand that you give your absolute best, we demand the very same of ourselves. For that reason Krown Klothing's apparel is held to the Royal Standard. We use only superior quality products. A luxurious feel, look, and fit combined with lasting durability is guaranteed with all of our apparel. YOU ARE ROYALTY, and we believe that the clothing you wear should reinforce that.

If you've taken the time to read about what we do and who we are, we'd like to express our appreciation. Enjoy 10% off your next order by using the discount code: ABOUT .